10 + 1 years
anniversary edition
Part memoir/part specimen; an archive that offers a detailed look into the whats, the whys and the hows of the first 10+1 years (2006–2016) of; a use cases collection and a personal typographic diary; a book that documents and celebrates the evolution of a self-taught type-designer from his infancy, to a rocky puberty and, eventually, towards a yet-to-be-discovered coming of age.
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ISBN 978-960-93-9303-4
328 pages, 15cm × 22cm
Text in English (some in Greek as well)
Presenting 35+ typefaces, 9 essays, 2 interviews, numerous use cases and more...
Designed by George Triantafyllakos
Printed by George Skordopoulos
Photographed by George Oikonomou @ Slab
Accompanying typefaces Proportional, Luxus, Hellenica and Ribbon

Thank you to everyone who submitted their work for this book and all of you who supported all these years and used the typefaces in ways I could never imagine were possible.

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