The common, underlining denominators of all BP typefaces are: (a) support for Greek language, and (b) a huge amount of love injected to each and every one of their characters.
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Commercial (23)

You are looking for atypical.gr: an independent type foundry with a diverse collection of text and display font families available for desktop, web and/or screen use. A backpacker.gr initiated project that hopes to become a welcoming and open platform for young and ambitious greek type designers.

Greek Font Society (6)

I feel really honoured and proud to work with George D. Matthiopoulos for the digitisation of historic Greek typefaces for the Greek Font Society - a unique source of comprehensive knowledge regarding Greek typographic history, with an impressive body of work freely available to the public domain. Visit the (redesigned) Greek Font Society's website to learn more about my work for GFS: GFS Galatea - an alternate, rougher and rounder version of Didot (a revisiting of an old hot metal bold typeface from the 1920's together with an introduction of a lighter weight), GFS Didot Display - a display version of one of the most prominent Greek typefaces, and GFS Orpheus (with a Classic and a Sans variation) - a digital reproduction of a rare and never before digitized Greek Elzevir from the 19th century, with a display and a sans variation.

GFS Georgiou
The revival and extension of a rare Greek design
View on GFS website
GFS Galatea
An alternate, rougher and rounder Didot
View on GFS website
GFS Didot Display
A display version of the greek Didot
View on GFS website
GFS Orpheus Classic
A digital reproduction of a never before digitized Greek Elzevir from the 19th century
View on GFS website
GFS Orpheus
A display variation of GFS Orpheus Classic
View on GFS website
GFS Orpheus Sans
An experimental, sans version of GFS Orpheus
View on GFS website

T.O.D. (Typefaces on demand) (26)

Whether for personal use or a commercial print/web project, I am sure I can help you. I've done it for the following people/projects. So, why not for you?
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Greek characters for Basteleur (originally designed by Axel André).
Download Basteleur
Greek characters for Syne (originally designed by Lucas Decroix).
Download Syne
Greek characters for Eksell Display (by LettersFromSweden).
Buy from LFS
Garamond Elle Italic Greek
Greek characters for Elle's Garamond. Designed for ELLE magazine (gr) (exclusive use).
Visit Elle
Greek characters for Baton (by Fatype). Designed for exclusive use.
Visit baton
Snowflake Sans Greek
Greek set for Snowflake Sans (5 weights + inline). Designed for Partners VMLY&R (exclusive use).
Visit SnowflakeSans
Bodoni Heroic
A wiggly variation of Bodoni Greek designed for and under the creative direction of G Design Studio.
Visit BodoniHeroic
Custom typeface for a friend. Designed for exclusive use.
Right Grotesk Greek
Greek characters for the Right Grotesk type family, in collaboration with Alex Slobzheninov (designed for exclusive use).
Visit Right Grotesk
Oaks Bold Greek
Greek characters for Kel Troughton's Oaks (bold) (designed for exclusive use).
Visit Oaks
Le Murmure Greek
Greek characters for Velvetyne's awarded typeface Le Murmure.
Download from VTF
Solide Mirage Greek
Greek characters for Velvetyne's Solide Mirage.
Download from VTF
A custom typeface to be printed on soft metal jewellery via CNC printing. Commissioned by Mi Madas ti Margarita.
Gosha Sans
Greek characters for Gosha Sans (by Pangram Pangram® Foundry). Designed for Faze (exclusive use).
Visit gosha
A display typeface designed with/for Slab Design Studio for Papamarkou Str.
Visit papamarkou
Y&R Greek
Greek characters for Y&R's official corporate typeface (5 weights + italics). Designed for Partners|Y&R (exclusive use).
Visit yr
Grotex Greek
Greek characters for Grotex (Love Letters). Designed for Phantom (exclusive use).
Visit grotex
Sporting Grotesque Greek
Greek characters for Vevetyne's amazing Sporting Grotesque.
Download from VTF
Track Greek
Greek characters for Track typeface. Designed for G Design Studio (exclusive use).
Visit track
Fabrik Greek
Greek characters for Fabrik. Designed for MG (exclusive use).
Visit fabrik
Nautilus Greek
Greek characters for Nautilus Pompilius. Designed for Partners|Y&R (exclusive use).
Visit nautilustype
Wanderlust Greek
Greek characters for Wanderlust Letters. Designed for G design studio (exclusive use).
Visit myfonts
Archive Greek
Greek characters for the Archive free font.
Visit fontfabric.com
The remake of an oldie. Designed for Partners|Y&R
Bullpen™ Greek
Greek characters for Ray Larabie's Bullpen.
Visit myfonts.com
A monospaced font inspired from old receipts. Designed for and in collaboration with noplan

Free (24)

From extreme type experiments to actually usable type designs, the BP free collection provides a diverse set of typefaces distributed free ("as in beer"). Feel free to use them either on personal or commercial projects. If you do so though, do it with a sense of responsibility and respect (and please, don't forget to refer to backpacker.gr whenever possible).

A flared humanistic sans
Details + Download
A journey from the Ancient years to the 20th century, with a little stop during the Renaissance
Details + Download
A display typeface from the beginning of the 20th century
Details + Download
A fat slab in 4 contrast variations
Details + Download
An art-nouveau revival
Details + Download
Experimental Square Variable Fonts Combo
A set of (not really) useful experiments with square variable fonts
Details + Download
Ribbon & Hellenica
Two remakes of my first ever type design attempts. Designed for the backpacker.gr 10+1 years anniversary edition
Details + Download
Edgy and full of energy (but with both feet steady on the ground)
Details + Download
A reversed-stress experiment
Details + Download
Playfull imbalance
Details + Download
Tough softness
Details + Download
Collaborative type design
Details + Download
BPphd Hand
Rough geometry
Details + Download
A tribute to mechanical writing machines
Details + Download
Geometric, condensed and retro-futuristic
Details + Download
You got to love this fatty!
Details + Download
Monospaced love
Details + Download
Rounded and proud of it
Details + Download
the ultimate dots pack
Round, square, diamond, plus, minus, vertical... And even more...
Details + Download
We are all connected (or not)
Details + Download
chubby pack
Extreme weights for extreme applications
Details + Download
experimental pack
Useful(?) type experiments
Details + Download
Old and retired
Details + Download
A set of handwritten typefaces designed on 2006.
Details + Download