Help me kern
OK, it's true. The most significant drawback of several free fonts out there is their bad spacing and lack of kerning. Admittedly, this is the case for several of the free BPfonts as well.
Well, in my defense...
If I had enough money and time I would be more thorough and do it myself.
On the other hand, if I just had the money, I would ask Igino Marini to do it using his amazing iKern service.

However, since I have neither time, nor enough money, I ask for your help.

And what's in it for me you'll rightly ask...
Well, for existing fonts that are distributed freely and need to be better spaced and kerned (such as BPreplay and BPdiet), you'll just get the satisfaction of helping release an improved version of a product that is out there for everyone to use (and you'll get credit for it as well, both on the site and in the font file).

For yet unreleased fonts that are designated to be distributed freely, you'll get the chance to test and use them first and even make design suggestions before they are released (plus all of the above of course).

For yet unreleased fonts that are designated to be sold... well, we can talk about it if and when such a case occurs.

So, go ahead, hit that button
If you think you can kern, or, better, if you know how and want to do it, send me an email and get a chance to give something back to (and, eventually, the world). You'll see that it only feels great in the end :-)

I can help you kern