The common, underlining denominators of all BP typefaces are: (a) support for Greek language, and (b) a huge amount of love injected to each and every one of their characters.

Ribbon & Hellenica (2017)
random pangram

Hellenica – The remake of one of my first attemps to design a geometric typeface (back on 2003). That first attempt was a total mess. This new interpretation is definitely more balanced, more playful and more interesting. Use cautiously (as you should always do).

Ribbon – The second remake of an old and rejected typeface (designed back on 2003). Not much to say about it. Another display typeface with a pretty clean idea and attitude.

Both Hellenica and Ribbon were designed exclusively for the backpacker.gr 10+1 years (2006–2016) anniversary edition. You can buy the book here.

Nov. 2018 update: A variable font file has been added for Ribbon. Download it here. Together with Kayak Variable, this is one of the first backpacker.gr variable fonts! Read here on how to use variable fonts on your web designs.

Dec. 2018 update: Hellenica now supports the Cyrillic script.

Dec. 2019 update: Latin, Greek and Cyrillic lowercase characters were added to Hellenica.

Webfont usage

1. Unzip the downloaded file and place the webfont files (.woff, .eot, .ttf) and the accompanying .css file on a specific folder on your server.

2. Copy and paste the code below inside the <head> of the page(s) where you want the webfont to be used

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="[folder]/Ribbon.css"/>

where [folder] = the name of the folder where you put the css and webfont files

3. Add the font-family name at the css rules where you want to use the webfont

div { font-family: Ribbon, Arial; }

4. If the webfont supports italics, bold and/or bold italics you can use them simply by using <b> and <i> tags inside your html code.

5. If the webfont has a Light or other weight, look at the accompanying .css file to find out what weight value you should use.