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From typefaces, to posters, logos, brand identity and books, and from responsive web and mobile web apps design, to front and back end web development, just ask for it. I have a backpack full of ideas, skills and passion for work.
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There comes a moment in life when you find yourself being as far from what you (thought you) once were as possible. And think of the things you once delved into, as long forgotten memories/abilities/needs. For me, photography is one of these thinks. A recurring need that comes and goes in an unorderly fashion for the past 15 or so years. One of the creative endeavors that, without a doubt, holds a prominent place among the rest. And one that over the years led to the accumulation of a substantial amount of work. Iconopoeia 1999–2014 derived from an overwhelming urge to present a concise but characteristic sample of this work. An amalgamation of random bits and pieces of the visible plane as recorded instinctively by an amateur visual iconoclast. A visual memoir of objects, subjects and everything in between. A closure for the first 15 years and a stepping stone for the years to come. A personally published photo book, available from Blurb.